Life Happened..

I am A firm believer in life. And I hope all of us has hope for tomorrow. School is brutal and wisdom is worth nothing unless it is used to teach someone else. But why do we spend all our time insulting each other instead of teaching each other.

(I am a college student who has no strong background for anything smart. I am never popular and goes through days unnoticed. I am not brilliant, neither am I rich. I truly am just me. Today  as I walked across campus I realized that I do not want to be the “ME” without sharing my voice with other persons like me; so here I am starting a blog not even sure I can but hey… I am trying. )

Instead of lovingly offering help these “cruel” students would drain you. Like sharks they attack and tear at your flesh. What use is wisdom if it is not shared? We are learning but not learning to love each other. I shake my head at these inhumane desires.

I noticed that my self esteem issues have robbed me of trying hard enough for anything. and I will over come these deep rooted issues so I can live again, breathe again, and be the me that I am not today. This blog, I admit is all over the place but one day I will be a better writer and blogger. Promise.

Hope in the dark world. And I intend to heal and that right quickly.



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