Are there young feminists in Jamaica ?

My desire is to be a young feminist. A feminist to the core. But are there available role models available to teach the younger. I really do need help with this new path and I do love what feminism stand for even though it is not so popular among my peers. But hey.. what is right is not always popular. Plus I may  be a little deviant;truth be told. I want to understand and I would really love to sit down and watch up close or be apart of the vagina monologues. The other day I watched ” Too much sex” it was a wonderful play. I wish they would record it and take it into colleges so others may benefit from the knowledge embedded in the script of the play.

Curiosity has lead me all these years and all my mistakes, pleasure, illicit desires, success and decisions were built on the foundation of curiosity; my curiosity. So I know that my curiosity about feminism will pay off (whether negatively or positively). It will bring change, a change I welcome with opened arms. Please teach me.


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