The world cannot be fixed.

I long for the day, all the world leaders, ministers of government and the wealthy comes out of hiding and just be frank with us. They know it cannot be fixed. They know that trying to fix it is a facade. They have spent so much money building bombs, making guns, importing and exporting deadly weapons, and making  sure they keep the people in the dark that they know all about these weapons of mass destruction. They have increased the cost of living and the cost to universities and colleges are almost too far fetched for the working class majority. The African society that was drained to build the western society is starving today;while still being exploited by the western bourgeoisie for gold and diamonds; and they play on the emotions of the population seeking votes, deceiving and exploiting the population.

Deadly weapons are being built, imported and exported into countries around the world. The governments have exploited the people through taxes, explaining that tax is needed to build the country. Yes, a tax is important but why are they using the tax payers money to either create weapons, import and or export deadly weapons. Weapons such as guns are in every country across the world. They are created to destroy something sacred. Why do you spend money for a gun if you never plan to use it? These weapons of mass destruction are being built for the purpose of destroying life. Having made and distributed these weapons , the same government is using another portion of the working class taxes to pay officers of the law, to help keep them off the street. These officers of the law, with access to the weapons of destruction, legally are given a speck of power to exert on anyone who doesn’t comply with their demands. Now, with this little power, the law abiding officer captures a criminal, who has access to the same weapons that the police or other officers possess, is then asked to release the said criminal because of the law. The law dictates this or that and the criminal is back on the street. The said criminal becomes untouchable because of his connections with the government or people in “high places”. A country with a strengthened fortress cannot be conquered from the outside without word about what is on the inside. It must be conquered from the inside out. There must either be a spy or secret agent in the planning area for these battles and trade secrets to get out. one would ask how do these guns reach to the criminals, and how did they get into the country. They have to pass through somewhere, legal or illegal ,with the knowledge of someone in high places, in order for them to be untraceable or unfound. They must pass wharfs, or airports etc. They have to know schedules etc. Third world countries do not have all the equipment for a certain heist, so how do so many guns enter the borders of these countries? Then the government has to spend so much more of the money allocated to make the countries better to curb crime rate. Weapons cost money.

There is an increase in the cost of living due to capitalism. The working class is working 40 hours per week and still cannot afford basic necessities. They work low-income jobs, long hours and still cannot eat healthily. So, they chase wealth and destroy their health. Of course, the man benefiting from all this doesn’t care enough to notice. Sometimes these people are not even paid on time for the work done. Therefore, they become slaves to the people they constantly borrow from to go to work daily. As soon as they get paid, they have so many bills to repay it is impossible for them to be debt free. They are impoverished working from one paycheck to another, borrowing as they go and still have to be present for work every day they are scheduled to work. Where should someone like this get money to show up to work if you don’t pay them on time? Oh! But your work is being done so you don’t care and for your time is money. Right? These working class people are forced, more often than not, to stay as the working class. The money they get paid is not enough to save in order for them to get an education or increase the standard of living for their children. Therefore, they have to either borrow from a capitalist to increase their standard of living  or die in the working class status. Increasing their education, is the only way out of poverty, as education is one of the few ways permitted for social mobility. There is no way to get a good paying job to sustain a family without a basic required level of education. This level of education is stipulated by the country and accepted by populous. Education cost money.

The African countries that have been brain drained and exploited for labor to build our priced mother England and the Americas are starving to death. They are starving for attention and their people are literally starving to death and they are seen as barbaric and impulsive. The African men and women are being killed and tortured to dig for gold and diamonds just so we, in the western world, can have a beautiful necklace and diamond ring. Have we ever thought about what our greed and lust for pretty stones are costing the people of Africa? Think about the Asians that are being exploited for the expensive brand clothes you work and save for. These people are paid below the  minimum wage for sewing these garments. Then the capitalists charge you an arm and leg to wear it. Our lust and material desires cost money.

You are working  for the paying taxes to the capitalist, then whatever you need to use from the supermarket, you have to from the capitalist, if you save money in the bank you are charged a fee that goes to the capitalist, if you want clothes it is the money that you were paid by the capitalist that you give back to them and it goes on and on. This is cyclical and we unconscious to what is happening. With the  introduction of capitalistic incentive programs, all of us are focused on the self-building and getting the better reward. We have forgotten how to assist or strive to assist ur brothers and sisters because you worked harder and you were smarter and everyone else is just lazy right? No! You just had a better background and less harsh experiences no matter how harsh your’s was. Now these African children are starving and it’s been advertised all over the globe for donations to be made, but with all the donations why have we not seen the results all we see are new faces every year. what has happened to the money that was donated? and who is distributing the donated items? As a matter of fact, why isn’t the governments of the world sending more to assist Africa, who paid their bills in the past and made a few of these countries wealthy? But instead, they buy and build weapons preparing for war. War is expensive. Diamonds are expensive. Gold is expensive. People’s lives priceless. Diamonds and Gold cost money.

Yet, as soon as an election comes around, they are all for the people; deceiving through the teeth and bamboozling everyone in their paths. Every year they have conferences about how to change the world. Women’s rights, feminism, men’s right, LGBTQ, new strategies for education, new task force, military operations, new weapons, new forums, new talk up’s, new every angles , until we have finally decided that we tried everything and all that is left is to take God out of the picture. They explain to each that if they take God out of the picture, they can use the knowledge passed on from scholars that have written before us and refer to them using their strategies to correct the problem. If they knew what could have changed the world wouldn’t the world be changed? If you remove God it is only going to lead to more chaos. God did not create guns and violence, humans did. If you want to change the world humans must not exist. Humans created the problems and now we are, all of us, pointing fingers, I long for the day we take the blame and recognize that we have “evolved” to our own demise. We have created and built things to take our own lives. And we are still curious in our scientific minds to explore through empirical rules what is to come next. Creating and destroying the world around us. And then we say we are fixing the world. Wake up people! we are what is wrong with the world. All of us compete and bite each other. we fight and blame each other. We watch each other get murdered, robbed and raped; all for what we chose to do. We have gotten so in love with money that we have forgotten the paps we sucked. We have become so obsessed with things we have not realized we are slaves to our own desires, pleasures and wants and slaves to the things we built. Nothing but Idolators worshipping what our own hands created. The world cannot be fixed because we are the destroyers and none of us are willing to give up our lifestyles for the greater good. None of us are willing to fight for equity. none of us are willing to give up our desires and smart devices for the benefit of all.

The world cannot be fixed because money is what is wrong with the world.




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