Live what you preach!!

Studying God with the natural mind will not make u understand Him, Studying him in the spiritual will not make you know Him, Speaking in tongues doesn’t mean you have a relationship, preaching does not say u are saved. It is so sad that we stand up for so many doctrines and stand against the world when they try to take Christ out of everything but we negate our journey with Him.

We never live the word though we say we believe, we never teach the word and we are always ready to hate, judge and discriminate against others based on our belief. We need to take the beam out of our own eyes now before it becomes too late to do so….Start living what we preach and practice godliness before our children.

Some of us we are afraid to pray at home before our kids but find so much pleasure in the joys of a new movie with the family. we need to stop… and do right.


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