Piece of my passion

To hold you, to have you, to know you, to love you. To cherish you, to kiss you, to miss you, to learn from you, to listen to you, to hope for you, to laugh with you, to be joyful with you, to experience you, to be grateful to you is only a piece of my passion.

My eyes tell the story of the weary days I had, the sleepless nights, the ones I cried. The torment of my history, the memory of the past and the expectations of the future are all written in my scars. The thundering sound of my screaming soul, has left me anxious and edgy. I  was not always able to recognize what people  think about me when I am fighting to be confident in my own skin.But now I know they recognize me trying to be confident. I do this to be like them, live like them believing that this is what happiness is and this is definitely what life is about. But then you met me and showed me a whole new world.

You showed me that life is about living, Its about being me and only me. I am separating me from the ones around me, thank you for showing me. Thank you exposing my heart, my desires, my love, my choices, my decisions, my wants and my needs… you showed me that all the hurt, experiences, and disappointments was revealing who I was and exposing a piece of my passion.


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