My Thighs touch….

I was told by western beauty experts that being slim is beautiful and I should aspire to be beautiful. I have noticed that the societal standard of beauty is visible through ‘slim’ bodies.

I ask myself, do I consider that beauty?

No, I do not. As a matter of fact, I love my body.

The flaws on my body, they all tell stories. All of my curves are unique. The boys used to call my thighs  ‘Thunder Thighs’ and  I love my thunder thighs too.

I love everything about my body, especially the color of my skin.

I learned that a few Caucasians believe that their skin color is beautiful and superior to other races.

I disapprove of that belief.

I see beauty in the chocolate toned skin, I see beauty in the wool like hair, I see beauty in the broad nose and thick lips, I see beauty in the strength of my muscles and my glutes, I see beauty in the silhouette of my experiences, and the click of my tongue. I find beauty in the thickness of my body and in the movement of my hips.

And another thing, please stop calling me black.

Black is associated with evil and animalistic beast. Black is seen as darkness, the unknown and being hidden. I am not hiding. I am as bold as the light shining into the blackness of night.

Please desist from maligning my beauty in the depths of your thoughts. Stop comparing my beauty to monkeys, quit casting my legs under the front of your vehicle of bulimia. I do not need a front seat ticket to your weight loss journey and quit sending me messages of you ten steps programs.

My Legs touch and so what? I love them.



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