A Survivor’s Log

I have survived, only because I lived
I have lived because I chose to be
I am being because God gives me breath
I am breathing because I put down the pills, I quit friends that influence me to do wrong, I quit being addicted to talkers and no ‘doers’, I have sifted my circle and I am seeing ‘the real’, I have decided to live like I am a believer and turn my back on the deceiver. I have decided being good is just a favor, If I can’t it is because I am unable. I am ALIVE because I survived.
I survived your criticisms and your violent hand- shakes.
I survived your torturous words, that stripped me down to my bones and exposed my nakedness to your friends. I survived because I am better than your petty standard of beauty. I survived because I hated your shenanigans. I will neither be bamboozled nor exploited any further. I am aware because I survived.

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