The Western Culture to a young Jamaican

I am lost, I heard that we were brought to the Caribbean on a ship

I heard that we were brought to the Caribbean on a ship

But, I heard that the Americans were also brought on a ship.

I heard that the native Americans were killed and their culture was destroyed.

I heard that the colonists brought religion; more specifically Christianity.

I heard that they whipped my ancestors and worked them near, if not to death.

I heard that these were white elite, power hungry, hegemonic males. 

I heard that they “owned” my race, like animals especially the women…hey I am a woman.

I heard that they raped the women and men brutally in the view of their children. 

How did my race ever survive such brutality, how did they manage to keep their spirit high? And why is America so influential if they too were brought to the western region?


Photo of Jamaican Landscape in Negril


But then hope came. In 1962 I heard independence came to Jamaica, I know nothing of America, and now it is 2017 and I still see dependence.

Our Jamaican culture is constantly eroding and we are constantly borrowing from the elites that I heard owned us.

If my memory serves me right, I heard that the borrower is a slave to his lender. 

Are we free?

A few Jamaicans, including a police constable, was extradited to face charges of up to 20 years in prison in one of the coldest states in America. I guess they never needed the visa. 

Are we free?

They are constantly in our country more and more every year with new laws and policies and are in very high positions. Are our ministers puppets?

Why can they not be wise enough to solve our own problems with over 60 persons in our parliament taking my money for tax?

Beautiful sunrise, from the bus stop Free Hill Bamboo St. Ann

Are we free, are we really free? 

When all they do we adopt and all they say we take. 

I assume it is the fluidity of culture. The one our forefathers know is no longer relevant to us it seems. 

We may have forgotten the blood that gave us freedom. But we wanted captivity more than freedom. I guess that is what we are used to.

Our people rather foreigners than our own. They aspire to “fly out” more than they aspire to stay.  They spend more time at the embassy than with their neighbors.

Then I assume this is now our culture. American or Western.

The entire world revolves around America; it seems. So now as young a Jamaican, I think my culture is American and not Caribbean. I believe that one day our beautiful landscape that makes our culture rich, I fear, it will be no more.

My country depends on America for food, clothing, entertainment, encouragement, medication, policies, finances, family life, social structures, socialization strategies, furniture, university models, GPA schemes etc. 

Tell me, what would you think?




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