I am entering these exam rooms with fear and trembling;

The thought of failing a first -year course or maybe it is the thought of a GPA plunge;

Whatever it is, it is leaving me breathy and nervous!

The threat to the GPA, now that is the icing on the cake;

I could have just prepared for the exam and walked into the room and did these papers without fear, but NO: remember your GPA!

With this on my mind, how will I ever settle in time to write well or express well enough to keep the GPA above average?

Tell me now, Do you not believe that school policies, GPA rules, honor rolls, and exams are the underlying cause for anxiety?




One thought on “Anxiety

  1. I have a serious anxiety problem and just when I think I am ready then the reality of uwi policies kick in. You can never be to ready due to fear and anxiety. I have a week before my first exam and I am already worried.

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